FIND Biomass’ Strategic Plan of high yield afforestation using hybrid poplar contributes to carbon sequestration and is a nature-based climate solution both of which are consistent with Canada’s strategy of achieving net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050 which assist in meeting the GHG reduction goals of FIND Biomass and Canada’s 2 Billion Tree Program.

FIND Biomass’ goal over the next 10 years is to supply, plant, manage, and monitor the growth of over 40,000,000 fast-growing poplar trees in Alberta. This would forest 27,000 hectares of public and private lands in Alberta and Western Canada.

The fast-growing hybrid poplars selected can grow 10 times faster than a natural forest and sequester up to 10 times more carbon.

Planting trees creates environmental diversity, and erosion control, restores habitat, and contributes to many other economic, social, and cultural benefits.